Email Marketing

Often, companies have good customer email lists and compiled contact information, but many don’t make the best use of them. There are a variety of email marketing options to choose from and not all of them will be right for you. When you take the time to let valued customers know what’s happening with your business, you increase opportunities for repeat and additional sales! Take a look at some of the email marketing tools that we can use to help you grow your company:


You have certainly heard of blogging and you probably follow some blogs and read others from time to time. Do you wonder what your business could possibly blog about? Are you debating whether blogging will help your company grow? Blogs are becoming essential for companies that want to be noticed. Businesses in a variety of industries have acquired new customers simply from writing an interesting or helpful blog post. Blogging options continue to grow and it is easier to get started than you think!. Contact us to find out how a potential customer, who is trolling the web, could read your blog post one day and become your next buyer the day after. Whether you need help creating a blog, writing content, or managing your blog, Conifer Marketing can lend a hand.


Do you have urgent announcements on new deals or products, but find that you are not sure how to quickly share them with your customer base? A monthly or even a weekly newsletter could be the answer. Newsletters are a cost-effective way to inform, educate and sell. They can also be an excellent way to stay “top of mind’ with existing and former customers. With a newsletter you often find that an old customer will call or drop in and say “Hey, I saw this in your newsletter and I am ready to buy again!”


If your first thought is what in the world is a webinar? Then you are in the right place. A webinar is very similar to a seminar but it is hosted online which gives you an opportunity to present to audiences all over the world. If you are thinking. “I know what a webinar is, but how would I ever use one?”, then you are still in the right place! Webinars are a highly effective way to attract new business. They can quickly and efficiently paint a picture of a new product or deliver product-related training to a large audience without the need for any travel or even an office space. There are a variety of options when it comes to offering or hosting webinars. Conifer Marketing can help you create customized webinars that will showcase your brand and products and leave your audience asking for more. Learn more about how our webinars have helped other companies bring in leads and close sales.

Lead Generation

Want to get new customers or grow your e-mail list, but not sure how? Lead generation is a very important process to keeping a steady pipeline for sales or increasing your customer base. Maybe you have a great sales team but if they are not getting qualified leads it can be counterproductive. Optimizing your website with proper information collection forms is just one of many ways to help generate leads. So if you think it is time to grow your customer base then reach out to us for a free consultation and we can help determine the best ways to generate new leads for your business.


You probably have a mental list of questions that you want to ask your customers, but you may find that contacting them is a struggle. Surveys are an excellent way to hear the customer’s voice and get feedback that truly matters! Traditional phone or written surveys do still work. However, these days, an online survey is quicker and easier to develop, send and process. These surveys are the preferred option for researching a new product, getting customer feedback, and obtaining quotes and testimonials to use in your marketing material. Ask Conifer Marketing about our survey options and we will find the right fit for you.

Content Writing

If you like the idea of a company blog or newsletter but are not sure you have the time or capability to write it, let Conifer Marketing help! We are experienced in writing and editing, whether for a personal website or a corporate blog. If you need content for a full website design, we can write it from scratch, or modify draft content that you provide.